Thinkcar EV Insulation tester EVC201 New product Launch

Thinkcar EV Insulation tester EVC201 New product Launch

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Introduce the Thinkcar EVC201 Ev Insulation Resistance Tester:

Commonly referred to as megohm meters, shake meters, high resistance meters, or insulation resistance testers, the Thinkcar EVC201 is a cutting-edge device designed to gauge insulation resistance. This measurement specifically targets the insulation resistance between the live component and the exposed non-live metal section (case). The utilization of an insulation tester during assessments contributes significantly to safeguarding the well-being of maintenance personnel.

Key Features:

  1. Insulation Resistance Measurement: The Thinkcar EVC201 excels in measuring insulation resistance, offering reliable results.

  2. Voltage Measurement Innovation: In a pioneering move, the Thinkcar EVC201 introduces a voltage measurement function, enhancing its versatility.

  3. Standard Resistance Equipped: The device comes equipped with standard resistance, facilitating a comparison measurement mode. This mode ensures that the measured resistance aligns with the standard resistance, thereby guaranteeing measurement accuracy.

  4. Multiple Measurement Modes:

    • Timing Measurement: Enables precise measurement at specific intervals.
    • Comparison Measurement: Compares measured resistance with standard resistance for accuracy verification.
    • Continuous Measurement: Allows for uninterrupted and extended measurement sessions.
    • Omnidirectional Measurement: Offers comprehensive measurement coverage.

Invest in the Thinkcar EVC201 for a comprehensive and innovative solution to insulation resistance testing, prioritizing both accuracy and personnel safety.

Output voltage    500V、1000V

Insulation resistance    500V:1MΩ~20MΩ、1000V:1MΩ~40GΩ

Short-circuit current    <1.8mA

How it is displayed    LCD display, upload data to the Pad via USB

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