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Being a European distributor of great tool brands is already a good thing, but that was not enough for us. We wanted to develop products that help technicians on current issues they were encountering with modern engines. We wanted to help them fast. And we wanted to help them all over the world.

Since 2016, we have been putting together a team of qualified technicians who are in the field, and also investigate ‘what’s going on’ in automotive workshops. Our team spot recurring technical problems the technicians are facing and report to Hubitools. Then our R&D department figures out a solution and goes on to design the perfect tool for the job. They carry out many tests and source the best partners to make this tool come to fruition in the shortest period of time possible. Then the kits are assembled here in our premises by our skilled workshop team. When they are ready for sale, they can then be purchased from anywhere in the world thanks to our webshop.

This is what Hubitools Design is all about. Thoroughly-thought and perfectly-designed tools unique on the market and available in no time, while introducing an average of five new innovative products a year. This offers availability for every technician worldwide.

This is a great adventure for Hubitools and its customers and we want you to be a part of it!

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