ThinkCar THINKTOOL Euro MAX Diagnostic Scan Tool Tab Euromax remote

ThinkCar THINKTOOL Euro MAX Diagnostic Scan Tool Tab Euromax remote

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Efficient Repairs with Cutting-Edge Diagnostics

The Thinkcar UK Euro Max, the flagship model from Thinkcar UK, is a powerhouse in automotive diagnostics, offering state-of-the-art solutions for technicians and garages. 

Thinkcar Euro Max offers unrivalled online programming and coding as well as access to the market leading Thinkcar UK remote diagnostics network via the Smartlink hardware which is included. Demo video here from our great friend Darren at Mechanic mindset. 

Euro Max provides technicians with robust online programming and OE-level diagnostics for over 300 car makes worldwide. As the foremost diagnostic tool in the automotive aftermarket, it ensures quick and efficient repairs.

This all-in-one tool significantly expands the capacity of technicians and garages to handle a wide range of jobs.

Introducing the THINKTOOL Euro Max

A revolutionary 13-inch OE-Level Diagnostic Tool designed for both Passenger and Commercial Vehicles.

Developed by THINKCAR, the Euro Max sets a new standard in diagnostic tools. With powerful online programming capabilities and OE-level diagnostic support for 300+ car makes globally, it stands as the premier diagnostic tool in the automotive industry.

Key Features:

- OE-Level Diagnostic:

  Perform comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, including reading and clearing DTCs, live data streaming, actuation tests, bi-directional control, special functions, and more.

- Maintenance Reset:

  Incorporate 35 common maintenance resets, such as oil reset, brake-pad reset, steering angle reset, battery matching, ABS bleeding, TPMS reset, DPF regeneration, gear learning, throttle adaptation, and more.

- Intelligent Topology Module:

  Effortlessly map the Canvas Tree for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

- ADAS Calibrations Service:

  (Frame purchase required)

-HGV Diagnostics available (Purchase required.)

Full coverage HGV Diagnostics included plant, Agriculture and off highway. Price includes cable set. 

Enhanced EV coverage

Enhanced EV direct connection cables available, purchase neccesary.  

Included Accessories:

- Thinkeasy Battery Tester

- Thinktool Scope (Oscilloscope)

- TPMS G2 Wand

- Borescope

The THINKTOOL Euro Max is your comprehensive solution, delivering unparalleled diagnostic power and a suite of features to meet the diverse needs of modern vehicles.

This tool is the similar hardware and functions as the Launch Eurotab 3 and Topdon Phoenix max but comes with better accessories and support plus online reprogramming and remote diagnostics. 

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    Allan Williams

    Bought this 2 years ago to replace my aging Launch. being a new brand and not really knowing what to expect but Alex assured me I would be impressed, and I am! its very easy to navigate around, online features with software updates is a major help especially when modules may have been corrupted. I am considering renewing my licence after 2 years or weather to upgrade, I must admit its a hard choice as this machine as been far better than I ever expected and excellent value for money compared to other brands.