Prologics Ultra probe

Prologics Ultra probe

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With the Prologic Ultra probe you get a multitude of testers right at your fingertips

* Volt Meter

* Short Circuit Indicator

* Bad Ground Indicator

* Continuity Tester

* Relay Tester

* 6M Power Cable

* Test Light


Technical Specifications:

Power Input: DC 12V or 24V Battery

DCV Measurement Range: 0.00V to 70.00V maximum

Resistance Measurement Range: 1W to 2KW (2,000W) maximum

Frequency (Hz) Measurement Range: 0Hz to 99,999Hz @>2.0V (max)

Peak to Peak Voltage Measurement: High Peak Volts, Low Peak Volts & Average

(AC Ripples) Volts with HOLD (Freeze) display functions

Continuity to Ground within +/- 0.5V of input voltage supply

Polarity Detection (Tip Voltage) RED or GREEN indicator LED and Indications: TONE will turn ON

Power Feed Output Voltage: Depends on input battery supply volts 12, 24 Volts.

Power Output Switching Modes: MOMENT, LATCH, PULSE

Over Load Protection: Probe will not power ON when connected in reverse

Kit Includes:

* Ultra Prove with 6M cable

* Extension cable 6M

* Cigarette adapter

* Tip

* Case

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