Motorvac Cool Smoke HP Leak Detection System with Turbo Adapter Kit

Motorvac Cool Smoke HP Leak Detection System with Turbo Adapter Kit

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The MotorVac Cool Smoke HP is a high pressure smoke machine for turbo gasoline and diesel leak detection. Delivers densest smoke vapor across the highest pressure range on the market (3-60 psi). Works with Android® or Apple® mobile devices.

The unit features ergonomic design and a 3.5" color touch screen: smoke test, leak test, pressure decay test.

The Cool Smoke HP is the most advanced and powerful (yet simple to operate) high pressure diagnostic leak test machine available. The patented Cool Smoke “no heat” technology creates a high volume, smoke-like vapor eliminating the need for high temperature glow plugs or resistance coils. It was specifically developed to OEM specifications for diagnosing leaks in high pressure air systems such as turbo chargers and charge air coolers.

The Cool Smoke HP can be used to not only determine if there is a leak in a system and pinpoint its location, it can also determine the actual size of the leak allowing the technician to decide whether a repair is necessary.

The Cool Smoke HP uses advanced dynamically controlled pneumatics and microprocessor technology to determine the actual leak size throughout the entire operational pressure range. The Cool Smoke fluid will deposit ultraviolet (UV) dye at the location of small leaks where it would be difficult to see smoke. 

The Cool Smoke HP comes with both a powerful UV light to easily locate the UV dye deposits at leak points, as well as a powerful white light to locate the smoke at visible leak points.

The Cool Smoke Fluid is a unique solution that allows for highly visible vapor (smoke) to carry UV dye to leak points. The UV dye will be deposited at small leak locations where the smoke is forced out during a test.

The Cool Smoke HP can perform smoke or leak tests between 3-60 psi (0.2-4.1 bar). It comes prefilled with a charge of Cool Smoke Fluid and is refillable by the end-user when the smoke-producing solution is depleted. The smoke it produces, as well as the UV dye, is non-toxic solvent free and noncorrosive.

The MotorVac Cool Smoke HP needs no assembly; it is self-calibrating and requires no maintenance.

Next generation leak detection for forced induction gasoline and diesel engines.

• 3.5 inch multicolour digital LCD display, integrated software and Bluetooth® capability makes it easier and simpler to use. The system’s software is application compatible and in the future can be controlled and updated from a mobile device.

• Delivers dense smoke across its entire operating range of 3-60 psi unlike competitive products that must reduce smoke output at higher pressures due to limitations in their technologies.

• The Cool Smoke® HP measures system pressure decay, leak sizes and flow rates accurately over the entire pressure range with high precision sensors and electronic controls - not possible using mechanical gauges. Redundant pressure sensor controls ensure long term reliability and safety for the technician and the tested system.

• The Cool Smoke® HP operates on 12 or 24 volt DC, is not polarity sensitive and draws minimal current.

• UV dye is critical in high-pressure leak detection providing the operator an effective way to identify the leaks and their exact sources.

• Smoke is produced without heat, making it safer, more reliable and more energy efficient than competitive models.

• Customer configurable settings include multiple languages and units of measure.

• Multiple adapter configurations ensure the ability to connect to any automotive induction system.

• Still in development: Control CoolSmoke® HP with your Android® or Apple® mobile device.

The Motorvac Cool Smoke has two modes of testing:

- Smoke mode: The Cool Smoke HP will produce high density smoke-like vapor at set pressures between 3-60 psi to quickly pinpoint the location of a leak using both visible vapor and UV dye deposits.

- Leak mode: The Cool Smoke HP utilizes two methods to determine if the system under test is leaking beyond OEM specifications. The machine can use either a Pressure Decay or Leak Size/ Flow Rate Test that can determine the actual leak size.


Kit Contents

• Cool Smoke HP with 3.5" screen

• Cool Smoke HP Turbo Adapter and Light Kit:

1 @ Phazer White 5 W Light AAA

1 @ Black UV LED Light AAA S/A

2 @ Turbo Adapter Plug 2.25” to 2.5” Assembly

2 @ Turbo Adapter Plug 2.75” to 3” Assembly

2 @ Turbo Adapter Plug 1.75” to 2” Assembly

1 @ Turbo Adapter Plug Assembly

2 @ Hose Silicone 1.75” I.D. X 3.7”

2 @ Hose Silicone 2.25” I.D. X 3.7”

2 @ Hose Silicone 2.75” I.D. X 3.7”

2 @ Hose Clamp Turn Key 64-89mm

2 @ Hose Clamp Turn Key 46-70 mm

1 @ UV Enhancing Safety Glasses

2 @ Hose Silicone 2” I.D. X 3.7”

2 @ Hose Silicone 2.5” I.D. X 3.7”

2 @ Hose Silicone 3” I.D. X 3.7”

12 @ Battery AAA

One Year Warranty


Input: 12 to 24 VDC 1A (not polarity dependent)

Dimensions: Height 33 cm (13”) x Width 28 cm (11”) x Depth 46 cm (18”)

New Fluid Capacity: 120 mL (4.1 fl oz)

Waste Tank Capacity: N/A

Length of Power Cord: 3 m (10 ft)

Length of Hose: 2.5 m (8 ft)

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