GMTO 1-channel Automotive Scope Oscilloscope

GMTO 1-channel Automotive Scope Oscilloscope

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The 1 channel scope combines fast sampling of up to 5 million measurements per second with a large high voltage input range of 800 V and a differential input in a small and light housing. Powered only from the USB, this versatile instrument allows safe measurement of high voltages anywhere.


- Measurement rate of 5Ms/s

- Connection to PC via USB

- Accuracy of 0.3% DC

- Free automotive measurement software with hundreds of sample signals (Atis Light)

By default, all scopes come with ATIS Light. ATIS light contains generic diagnostic information on all components of the engine management system. This information can be used on any car, regardless of make, model, year, etc. It includes oscilloscope settings for this generic information. Since this is generic information, not brand specific, there are no wiring diagrams.

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