AJD Tools Sensor signal waveform simulator HU31035 Hubitools

AJD Tools Sensor signal waveform simulator HU31035 Hubitools

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Optimal Tool for Simulating and Actuating Automotive Sensor Output Signals: Frequency, Voltage, and Test Sequences

When it comes to diagnostics beyond what a standard scan tool can offer, our sensor simulator is the ideal solution. While scan tools can inform technicians about issues detected by sensors and injector actuators, the sensor simulator takes it a step further, helping technicians pinpoint whether the problem lies with a faulty sensor, the vehicle's computer system, or a wiring defect.

This device is particularly valuable for conducting wiring tests. It can replicate the correct signal and allow for a direct comparison with the scan tool readings, ultimately saving you from unnecessary sensor replacements and making it a cost-effective investment.

Key Simulator Functions Include:

1. Simulated Resistance

2. Simulated Voltage

3. Simulated Sine Wave

4. Simulated Square Wave

5. Simulated Temperature Coefficient Sensors

6. Simulated Throttle and Pedal Sensor Sequences

7. Oxygen Sensor Testing Mode and Simulated Mode

With this versatile tool, you can simulate a wide range of sensors, injectors, and actuators, including but not limited to ABS sensors, lambda sensors, EGR sensors, CKP sensors, knock sensors, and map sensors.

AJDHU31035 HU31035

Hubitools: Innovating Automotive Solutions

As a European distributor of renowned tool brands, we aim to go beyond the norm. Our mission is to develop products that address the real-time challenges faced by technicians working on modern engines. Our focus is on speed, global accessibility, and effective problem-solving.

Since 2016, we've assembled a team of qualified technicians actively engaged in the field. They not only experience the daily issues encountered in automotive workshops but also investigate emerging trends. These dedicated experts identify recurring technical hurdles and relay them to Hubitools. Subsequently, our R&D department devises solutions and designs the perfect tools for the job. Rigorous testing and partnerships with top-notch collaborators ensure swift product development.

This is the essence of Hubitools Design: meticulously crafted, market-leading tools that are available promptly. We introduce an average of five innovative products each year, ensuring accessibility for technicians worldwide.

Join us in this exciting journey, where Hubitools and its customers shape the future of automotive diagnostics and repair. We invite you to be a part of it.

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