AJD TOOLS Universal diesel glow plug puller AJDHU41051 HU41051

AJD TOOLS Universal diesel glow plug puller AJDHU41051 HU41051

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Compact and efficient, the AJD Tools HU41051 is a professional-grade tool that requires minimal space, making it ideal for situations where accessing the glow plug compartment is challenging. Specifically designed for the AJD Tools HU41051, it facilitates the easy and damage-free removal of broken glow plugs situated at the top of the cylinder head.

Its adaptability shines in narrow engine bays and engines with glow plugs on the firewall’s side. Crafted from high-quality materials, including the unique Electrode puller design exclusive to the AJD Tools HU41051, this tool ensures durability and reliability.

The AJD Tools HU41051 kit includes an electrode puller and a reinforced drill with two guides. It features two special centered mills with a mill support to prevent any damage to the head.

User-friendly, the AJD Tools HU41051 kit includes a tap and a slide-hammer extractor to effortlessly pull out the broken glow plug. Three refreshing taps (M8, M10x100, and M10x125) with a Hex Drive are included, compatible with any ratchet and featuring a self-centering function for ease of use.

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