Thinkcar Immo plus xprog 2 cloning tool

Thinkcar Immo plus xprog 2 cloning tool

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Product details

The X-PROG 2 car immobilizer programmer stands as a robust anti-theft solution, catering ideally to professional repair shops and vehicle maintenance businesses. Featuring an integrated multi-function module, it streamlines operations with its versatile capabilities, enabling swift and precise data reading and writing tasks. This device serves as an indispensable companion for venturing into the realm of cloning vehicle components.

Equipped with a host of powerful functions, the X-PROG facilitates various operations such as Mercedes-Benz infrared key reading and writing, BMW engine ISN code retrieval, and engine reading in BENCH mode, among others. Its flexibility, stability, and reliability make it the go-to choice for discerning professional users.

Key Features:

  • EEPROM Read/Write
  • Key Read/Write
  • MCU Read/Write
  • BMW Engine ISN Code Retrieval
  • Mercedes-Benz Key Operations
  • BMW CAS4+ and FEM Chip Read/Write
  • Key Simulation
  • Audi Fifth-Generation Steering Column Chip Operations
  • VW Fourth-Generation Dump Mode for All Keys Lost
  • OBD MED17 Engine Reading
  • Engine Reading in BENCH Mode
  • VW Fourth-Generation UDS Engine Replacement
  • Engine Reading in Boot Mode
  • VW MQB Engine, Gearbox, and Steering Column Lock Replacement
  • VW Fourth-Generation Enumeration for All Keys Lost
  • Mercedes-Benz Engine and Gearbox Data Read/Write
  • Gearbox Data Reading

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