Thinktool X10 Thinkcar Euro X10S Online programming and Video remote.

Thinktool X10 Thinkcar Euro X10S Online programming and Video remote.

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Introducing Dual Remote Diagnostic capabilities, a groundbreaking advancement for repair shops and automotive technicians, powered by Thinkcar's cutting-edge technology.


Now, with the Thinkcar X10, X5, or Thinktool Max, you can engage in video calls, send voice messages, or exchange text messages with fellow technicians. But here's the real game-changer: technicians can use their Thinkcar tool or other compatible brands to diagnose customer vehicles remotely, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Thinkcar ThinkTool X10 - The Ultimate Diagnostic Solution

The Thinkcar ThinkTool X10 redefines diagnostic tools by seamlessly integrating diagnostic data, voice, and video capabilities into one exceptional tool. The X10 can be employed alongside other X10 tools or a desktop computer for remote diagnostics. Thanks to its upgraded processor, it efficiently handles video, voice, and diagnostic data simultaneously. Whether used as a standalone diagnostic tool or as a Pass-Thru device from a remote location, the X10 stands ready.

Designed for Professionals, Engineered for Excellence

- Large 10" Touchscreen: Enjoy a spacious, user-friendly interface.

- Comprehensive Access: Access to all vehicle systems.

- Maintenance Resets: Perform 35 different maintenance resets.

- J2534 and D-PDU/RP 1210 Support: Facilitating online programming.

- Bidirectional Communication: Communicate with vehicle systems in both directions.

- Topological Graphing: Visualize vehicle data.

- Wide Coverage: Covers import and domestic passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles.

Original Equipment (OE) Diagnosis

Benefit from original readout protocols and extensive unique functions, including guided diagnoses, providing an experience akin to the manufacturer's equipment.

Programming Modules

Perform online programming on popular vehicle brands, addressing software errors without requiring OE equipment. Currently supporting 15 brands, including BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Smart, Nissan, Renault, Subaru, Landrover, Jaguar, Hyundai, and Kia.

Auto Generate Diagnostic Report

Effortlessly scan the VIN and create a comprehensive diagnosis report with a single click. Wireless printing ensures easy documentation.

Full System Diagnostics

Extensively read every module and parameter within the vehicle.

Service Functions

Access 28 service functions, including service resets, electronic brake applications, AdBlue resets, coolant bleeding, injector teaching, battery registration, and more.

Live Data

Visualize live data with precision, offering numeric, graphical, and recording features.

Special Functions

Explore a wide array of special functions, such as DPF regeneration, pilot teach-in after fuel pump replacement, and more.


Encode, save, and restore settings easily. Retrieve online encodings from the OE database and directly implement them into modules, including personalization features.

With Thinkcar's Dual Remote Diagnostic capabilities and the Thinkcar ThinkTool X10 at your disposal, you'll revolutionize your automotive diagnostics, enhancing your efficiency, precision, and service quality. Trust in Thinkcar for the ultimate diagnostic experience.

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    Allan Williams

    Bought this 2 years ago to replace my aging Launch. being a new brand and not really knowing what to expect but Alex assured me I would be impressed, and I am! its very easy to navigate around, online features with software updates is a major help especially when modules may have been corrupted. I am considering renewing my licence after 2 years or weather to upgrade, I must admit its a hard choice as this machine as been far better than I ever expected and excellent value for money compared to other brands.