THINKCAR UK Mobile folding ADAS Frame with targets

THINKCAR UK Mobile folding ADAS Frame with targets

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Product details

Thinkcar UK ADAS Mobile represents a foldable calibration frame that prioritizes portability and convenience, significantly enhancing the efficiency and profitability of automotive repair shops.

Experienced technicians can set up the Thinkcar ADAS Mobile within half an hour and conduct calibration tasks from virtually any location.

Designed to be compatible with Thinkcar's diagnostic scanner series, this device empowers professionals to perform essential work on the latest vehicle models.

This tool is an absolute necessity for professional collision repair shops, component and parts specialists, as well as auto body shops offering services such as windshield, trunk, bumper, and hood replacements, alignment and suspension adjustments, and various other modern car repairs.

Key Features:

• Exceptional Mobility: The Thinkcar ADAS Mobile boasts a collapsible design for ease of use, compact storage, and unmatched portability. Its foldable arms and retractable base legs enable it to fit into the trunk of almost any vehicle. Professionals equipped with this tool can calibrate ADAS passive and active systems from anywhere, whether it's an auto shop, parking lot, or even a client's driveway.

• Rapid Setup: Seasoned technicians can swiftly set up the Thinkcar ADAS Mobile and commence work in just 30 minutes. The fully collapsible design ensures that this tool can be stowed away easily, leading to increased productivity and profitability for your shop.

• Precise Centre-Positioning: Achieve precise calibration with ease through the tool's user-friendly centre-positioning feature, allowing for micro-adjustments that result in high-precision calibration.

• Outstanding Return on Investment (ROI): Thinkcar UK ADAS Mobile offers unbeatable value. You can purchase it today and start calibrating immediately.

• Unparalleled Precision: A high-precision 5-laser device aids in accurately positioning the ADAS calibration tool. The Thinkcar ADAS Mobile includes a multifunctional base with 360-degree swivel wheels, enabling height adjustments and adaptability for calibration work on uneven terrain. The easy centre-positioning feature facilitates effortless micro-adjustments, further enhancing the accuracy of calibration services.

Package Contents:

Accessories included in the package:

- 1 Mobile Calibration Frame

- 1 ACC Radar reflector compatible with VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Porsche, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mini, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki

- 1 Five Line Laser LAM09-01

- 1 Cross Laser LAM09-02

- 1 Laser Reflector LAM09-03

- 1 Auxiliary Mirror LAM09-04

- 1 L-Type Positioning Bracket LAM09-05

- 1 Lead Hammer LAM09-06

- 1 Targets Storage Bracket LAM09-07

- 1 Targets Extension Rod LAM09-08

- 1 Targets Extension Rod II LAM09-09

LDW Targets (Big Targets):

- 1 VW/Audi LAM01-02

- 1 Hyundai/Kia LAM01-09

- 1 Subaru LAM01-15

- 1 Subaru-LDW LAM01-21

LDW Targets (Small Targets):

- 1 Benz LAM01-01

- 1 Mazda LAM01-10

- 1 Hyundai/Kia LAC01-13

- 1 Honda LAM01-20

- 1 Honda LAM01-04-L

- 1 Honda LAM01-04-R

- 1 Nissan LAM01-07-L

- 1 Nissan LAM01-07-R

- 1 Mazda LAM01-16-L

- 1 Mazda LAM01-16-R

- 1 Mitsubishi LAM01-19-R

- 1 Renault/Nissan LAM01-12-L

- 1 Toyota LAM01-06-1

- 1 Toyota LAM01-06-2

- 1 Toyota LAM01-06-3

- 1 Mitsubishi LAM01-19-L

- 1 Honda LAM01-17

- 1 Suzuki LAM01-18-L

- 1 Suzuki LAM01-18-R

This product includes software upgrade for Thinkcar products such as Euro MAX, Euro Expert, Euro Master X, X10, Euro Master. Our Thinkcar range has unrivalled coverage and functionality. 

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