Welzh Smoke Leak Detection tool

Welzh Smoke Leak Detection tool

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Product details

Professionally designed for Automotive Smoke diagnostic work.

Diagnostic Use:

It saves valuable time and is extremely efficient when detecting any type of leak in:

All types of closed circuits (such as Cooling Systems, fuel, exhaust, turbo, etc.).

Any watertight compartment (like engine block) and in vehicle compartments.

Accessories & Specs:

Supplied with Smoke Mate Bladder & Accessory Set.

Visual tightness meter for rapid loss detection.

Pressure gauge incorporated in the closed circuit.

Clamping hook for easy handling.

Smoke outflow regulator.

Side operation switch, allows to cut the supply to half filled.

12V connection with clamps.

Air flow: 6 L / min.

Built-in air supply.

Power: DC12V.

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