Welzh Inspection Endoscope 44876-ww 44876ww NEW

Welzh Inspection Endoscope 44876-ww 44876ww NEW

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Welzh Inspection Endoscope 44876-WW 44876WW - Introducing the New Welzh Inspection Endoscope

This advanced endoscope offers real-time video viewing, video recording, image capture, and more.

Convenience and Functionality:

Perfectly suited for confined spaces where visibility is challenging. Equipped with adjustable LED light and angle for enhanced adaptability. The 3.9mm camera is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Key Specifications:

7cm full-color IPS screen, ensuring high-quality visuals.

Focal length ranging from 3 to 10cm.

IP68 Waterproof rating for durability.

Includes a 32GB memory card and a USB C charging cable for added convenience.

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