Welzh Carbon Crusher™ Walnut Carbon-Cleaner ( Walnut Blaster) 291219-WW

Welzh Carbon Crusher™ Walnut Carbon-Cleaner ( Walnut Blaster) 291219-WW

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Introducing the Welzh Carbon Crusher™, your ultimate solution for effectively removing carbon deposits from the intake section and intake valves of combustion engines.

Key Features:

- Precision Carbon Removal: The Carbon Crusher™ employs a high-pressure walnut sand spray to thoroughly clear and eliminate all carbon deposits from the engine's inlet, ensuring optimal performance.

- Universal Vacuum Adaptors: Included with the tool are Universal Vacuum Adaptors, designed to fit a remarkable 99% of branded vehicles, making it a versatile choice for mechanics.

- Swift and Efficient: This tool stands out with its lightning-fast carbon deposit removal, performing up to 8 times faster than conventional methods. Say goodbye to lengthy disassembly procedures.

- No Cylinder Head Disassembly: The Carbon Crusher™ simplifies the process by eliminating the need to disassemble the cylinder head, saving you valuable time and effort.

- Power-Efficient: Operating on compressed air, the Carbon Crusher™ ensures minimal power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

- Chemical-Free: Rest assured, the Carbon Crusher™ relies on walnut sand and does not employ any harmful chemical additives, ensuring a cleaner and safer carbon removal process.

- User-Friendly: With its straightforward operation, the Carbon Crusher™ guarantees ease of use for both beginners and seasoned mechanics, providing consistently excellent results.

- Comprehensive Accessories: Your purchase includes various essential accessories such as a filter, filter cartridge, sieve, sand blast gun, safety goggles, sand suction hose connector, 5 adaptors, and 2 bags of walnut sand.

The Welzh Carbon Crusher™ represents a cutting-edge solution in the automotive maintenance industry, promising efficient and hassle-free carbon deposit removal, resulting in enhanced engine performance and longevity. Trust in the power of innovation and efficiency with the Carbon Crusher™.

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    Christian Kench, CKAutoCare

    *****5 STARS! So so pleased! I ordered this late at night with Alex at 10:30pm as it was an urgent piece of equipment needed, and specified I needed it the very next day, and low and behold it was delivered the very next morning at 10am!!! Amazon can't even compete with that! James, who delivered it to me was GREAT! Courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. WHAT A FANTASTIC TEAM! Highly recommend to any size of Garage, who want top service, knowledge and reliability, supplying quality tools and equipment! Cheers Guys, I can always rely on you!