USED Thinkcar Euro Master 2, 12 Months software updates

USED Thinkcar Euro Master 2, 12 Months software updates

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The Thinkcar Master 2 diagnostic tool boasts an impressive array of powerful diagnostic functions:

OE Diagnosis: This unit operates based on the original manufacturer's diagnosis equipment, offering original readout protocols and unique functions like guided diagnoses.

Programming Modules: It can perform online programming for 15 popular vehicle brands (currently including BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, and more) with the latest manufacturer software files, simplifying software error resolution without OE equipment.

Auto Generate Diagnostic Report: The unit automatically scans the VIN and enables the creation of a comprehensive diagnosis report with a single click, facilitating quick and efficient wireless printing.

Full System Diagnosis:You can extensively read every module and parameter for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Service Functions: With 28 service functions, including service resets, brake applications, AdBlue resets, coolant bleeding, injector teaching, battery registration, and more.

Live Data: Offers clear visualization of ive data, including numeric, graphical, and recording capabilities.

Special Functions: Provides a wide range of special functions such as DPF regeneration, pilot teach-in after fuel pump replacement, and more.

Encoding: The device can encode and store encodings, retrieve online encodings from the OE database, and apply them directly to the module, making adjustments and personalization tasks easier.

FCA Secure Gateway It can read vehicles with a security gateway, like Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo cars, though this may require a small fee, which we can assist you with registering if needed.

The Thinkcar Master 2 is a professional diagnostic scanner that offers OE-level quality. Featuring a 10.1” LCD screen, 4-Core 2.0 GHz Processor, and Android 10, it delivers fast and precise diagnostics. Its "Topology" feature provides a clear view of vehicle systems, aiding in identifying communication issues and trouble codes.

This tool supports cloud-based programming for various ECU modules and is compatible with Landrover, Kia, Hyundai, Renault, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda. It handles active tests, coding, initializations, memory resets for all brands, and more.

Stay connected with the latest vehicles and technology, as Thinkcar Master 2 meets all the latest requirements for vehicle network communication. Its updated VCI supports the CAN FD protocol, making it essential for working on modern cars.

The "Topology" map offers a visual representation of related vehicle systems and their status, complete with a color-coded layout of the CAN network. Additional features include active tests, special functions, coding, initialization, memory resets, and guided procedures for VAG vehicles.

Expand your capabilities by upgrading your license to include ADAS calibration functions and adding the required targets. Transform your high-performance scan tool into an ADAS system calibration station, opening up new revenue streams for your workshop. (Extra cost required)

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