USED Autocom CDP Software expiry June 2022

USED Autocom CDP Software expiry June 2022

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USED Autocom CDP Plus great all around scantool, subscription expired in June 2022 but works perfectly. 12 Months updates can be added for £550+vat but the tool wont expire. 

Genuine Autocom CDP Plus is one of the best all makes diagnostic tool on the market. All functions are standardized and core features based around reliability, simplicity and ease of use make it one of our best sellers. 

Autocom has developed world-leading diagnostic tools for cars, trucks, trailers and buses since 1991. We have built up an extensive bank of raw data that makes it possible to quickly and easily troubleshoot tens of thousands of different vehicle models. With all our experience and knowledge, we now take our offer to the next level by packing specifically selected vehicle data that fills our customers' business solutions with the right content.

Since 1991, we at Autocom have developed world-leading hardware and software for automotive diagnostics. Today, we also offer a range of products and services that provide effective flows for both one-man workshops and large workshop chains.

Our user-friendly and professional vehicle diagnostics solutions with the intelligent CARS, TRUCKS, GENERIC and CHECK software are used alongside CDP+ in workshops and on vehicle inspections all around the world. They include DoIP communication and have an integrated “Info System”.

CARS is a competent tool with functions such as Intelligent System Identification (ISI), Intelligent System Search (ISS) and Intelligent System Update (ISU). You can quickly perform service functions, troubleshooting, adjustments and activations on vehicle systems thanks to a unique vehicle database that includes both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

TRUCKS is an efficient workshop tool for diagnoses and service on light and heavy vehicles, trailers and buses. Using Intelligent System Identification (ISI), Intelligent System Search (ISS) and Intelligent System Update (ISU), you quickly get a reliable diagnosis focusing on features such as troubleshooting, configuration, adjustment and calibration.

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