Thinkcar Thinktool 4 Channel Oscilloscope scope

Thinkcar Thinktool 4 Channel Oscilloscope scope

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Introducing the 4-Channel ThinkTool Scope Box Oscilloscope designed exclusively for Thinkcar Master Lite, Euro Master , Master X, and Thinkcar MAX.

Featuring an ultra-high configuration boasting a 100MHz bandwidth, 4 channels, and a remarkable sampling rate of up to 1GSa/s, paired with a generous 50Mpts record length. This Scope Box is engineered for excellence.

Key Features:

- Automobile Maintenance Focus: The Scope Box is meticulously crafted for automobile maintenance diagnosis, offering modular integration with the diagnostic host and customized software tailored to the automotive maintenance industry.

- Versatile Testing Capabilities: Perform diverse vehicle ignition tests and a variety of sensor and actuation tests. The Scope Box supports multi-vehicle BUS decoding, ensuring comprehensive coverage for diagnostic needs.

- User-Friendly Interface: With a large touch screen operation, the Scope Box ensures ease of use and quick responsiveness, providing an intuitive experience for users.

-Wide Application Range: Suitable for a broad spectrum of vehicles, including petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric, and trucks. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable tool for automotive professionals.

Technical Specifications:

- Bandwidth: 100MHz

- Channels: 4

- Sampling Rate: Up to 1GSa/s

-Record Length: 50Mpts


- Petrol Vehicles

- Diesel Vehicles

- Hybrid Vehicles

- Electric Vehicles

- Trucks

Experience precision and efficiency in automotive diagnostics with the 4-Channel ThinkTool Scope Box Oscilloscope, setting new standards for diagnostic excellence.

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