Thinkcar GDI100 GDI Injector tester

Thinkcar GDI100 GDI Injector tester

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Product details

THINKCAR GDI 100 is a powerful injector cleaner and tester with enhanced function and more unique integral cabinet and multilingual control panel design. The GDI 100 support different GDI brands in the market, provides complete GDI cleaning and testing solution.

GDI Full Support

The GDI 100 supports testing of various GDI injectors, including Bosch, Denso, Delph, etc.

Resistance Test

The GDI 100 supports the resistance measurement to identify the performance status of the fuel injectors.

Automatic Test

Automatic fule drain during a certain test can be realized via a routine, owing to the adoption of automatic fuel drain contral Technology

Strong Cleaning

Adopt the ultrasonic cleaning technology to quickly remove carbon deposits and impurities.

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