Thinkcar GDI100 GDI Injector tester cleaner

Thinkcar GDI100 GDI Injector tester cleaner

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The THINKCAR GDI 100 truly stands out as a robust injector cleaner and tester, offering an array of enhanced features and a distinctive integrated cabinet design complemented by a multilingual control panel. This versatile tool is perfectly compatible with various GDI brands available in the market, providing a comprehensive solution for GDI cleaning and testing needs.

Extensive GDI Support

The GDI 100 simplifies testing for a wide spectrum of GDI injectors, encompassing those manufactured by reputable brands such as Bosch, Denso, and Delphi.

Precision Resistance Testing

With the GDI 100 at your disposal, you can conduct resistance measurements with remarkable precision, allowing for accurate assessment of your fuel injectors' performance.

Streamlined Automated Testing

The GDI 100 optimizes testing procedures through its advanced automatic fuel drain control technology, automating fuel drainage during specific tests for a seamless experience.

Efficient Cleaning

Leveraging cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning technology, the GDI 100 excels at swiftly and effectively eliminating carbon deposits and impurities, ensuring that your injectors perform at their optimal level.

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