Thinkcar Euro X10S Remote diagnostics 3 year updates - Thinkcar Official UK dealer


Thinkcar Euro X10S Remote diagnostics 3 year updates - Thinkcar Official UK dealer

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Keep repair jobs in house and reduce outsourcing costs

The new Thinkcar Thinktool range which includes the X10s offers streamlined remote programming through a dedicated team of Thinkcar Remote Technicians, plus new advanced video and voice guidance capabilities that ensure an even quicker fault to fix for automotive technicians.

How X10s helps garages

 Repair shops and automotive technicians can use X10s to make video calls or send voice/ text requests to receive vital diagnostic repair support and programming – REMOTELY!

 Our clients are increasing repair jobs daily by ensuring that they keep vehicle programming work inhouse. Outsourcing work is costly and racks up those non billable hours.

 With remote diagnostics you can keep your repairs in your garage. Our expert remote diagnostics team access your tool remotely, complete the repair, all whilst you get on with another job…. Imagine having 5 vehicles being programmed at the same time with no extra physical hands!

The X10S offers online programming for multiple brands including VAG, Mercedes, BMW, Jag/Land Rover, Nissan/Hyundai as well as online functionality for Ford and other brands.

 Using the X10S on Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda, a check of the vehicle can be conducted for software updates. A reflash of the same software version, or an updated version can also be performed. This is particularly useful on VAG if it is suspected that the vehicle has a dubious remap and a confirmation of the current software installed is required. 

Coverage includes import and domestic passenger cars, plus heavy duty vehicles.

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