Telwin T-Charge Evo

Telwin T-Charge Evo

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T-CHARGE 12 EVO 6V/12V 807578

Multi-functional electronic battery charger, trickle charger and tester for WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, Li 6/12V batteries with LCD screen. 

Charging and maintenance programs in Pulse Tronic dedicated to the technology of the selected battery. Advanced function for charging and maintenance of batteries at low temperatures. Activation of the RECOVERY function enables resetting of sulphated batteries. Tests the vehicle alternator and battery. Continuous and reliable power supply source during battery changes. Simplified use and immediate display of the parameters thanks to the LCD screen. 


- Automatic loading and maintenance in Pulse Tronic based on the technology of the selected battery; 

- COLD function for charging and maintenance of batteries at low temperatures; 

- RECOVERY function to recover sulphated batteries; 

- TEST function for battery, start-up and alternator; 

- SUPPLY function for stable power supply during battery changing; 

- LCD screen; 

Protection against overcharging, short circuit and polarity reversal. 

Complete with cable with clamps and cable with eyelets.

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