Telwin Range

Great value and quality battery support units from Telwin, Stockists of both the Doctor charge and the Doctor charge 50. The Telwin chargers use Pulsetronic technology. 

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Telwin Diagnostic trolley

Telwin diagnostic trolley, the Doctor charge mounts on the front of the unit with space for the laptop on top. Suitable for Doctor charge 130, 50, 30....
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Telwin Doctor Charge 50

Great value and functions, perfect for mobile programming and remapping. Electronic BATTERY MANAGER for total maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL...
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Telwin Doctor charge 130

Telwin Doctor charge 130, 12v and 24v charging as well as 120Amp battery support.Doctor Charge 130 is a multi-functional electronic device which, othe...
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