Telwin Doctor Charge 50 Battery support unit and charger

Telwin Doctor Charge 50 Battery support unit and charger

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Introducing the Advanced Multifunctional Battery Manager

Our professional, multifunctional electronic battery charger (BATTERY MANAGER) is designed for comprehensive maintenance and support of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, and Li 6V/12V/24V batteries. Ideal for use in workshops, body shops, and dealerships, it excels in diagnostic and support tasks.

Key Features:

Pulse Tronic Technology:

  • Ensures optimal battery charging across 8 phases.

Automatic Charging and Maintenance:

  • Adapts to the specific battery type using Pulse Tronic technology.
  • Includes AUTO mode for automatic battery type recognition.

Special Functions:

  • BOOST: Delivers a rapid charge.
  • COLD: Supports charging and maintenance at low temperatures.
  • POWER SUPPLY (BSU): Provides a stable power supply for diagnostics, battery changes, and maintaining showroom vehicle batteries.

Recovery and Equalization:

  • RECOVERY: Revives sulphated or deeply discharged batteries.
  • EQUALIZATION: Periodically regenerates batteries to restore optimal functionality.

Comprehensive Testing:

  • TESTER: Assesses terminal voltage, starting capacity (CCA), and alternator performance.
  • Start Aid: Facilitates vehicle starting.

Additional Features:

  • Cable extension compensation function.
  • LCD display for easy monitoring.
  • Protection against overcharging, short circuits, and polarity reversal.
  • Integrated PFC (Power Factor Correction) for reduced power consumption and enhanced stability.

Included Accessories:

  • Comes with cables and clamps for immediate use.

This advanced battery charger guarantees reliable performance and maintenance for a wide range of batteries, making it an essential tool for any professional environment.

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    Richard McWhirter

    The Telwin 130 is a necessity in the workshop if your doing any programming, remapping etc,I've found it very useful to regenerate AGM batteries,easy to use and reliable