Powerhand 3.5 Kw Liquid Cooled Heat Inductor

Powerhand 3.5 Kw Liquid Cooled Heat Inductor

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A portable workshop induction heater with integrated water cooling for the induction heater and replaceable induction coil extenders. The induction heater has a number of innovative features for efficient and quick heating of bolts, nuts, shafts, bearings, sections, round steel, sheets, etc. 

The PH-DHI-44ELKW is ideal for workshops, car repair shops, general repairs, production and maintenance. 

Power supply requirements: [V] 230 (180_265)

Frequency [Hz]: 50/60, 

Consumption: [A] 16

Protective system: IP22

Working frequency [kHz]: 18 _ 60

Output control (CP mode) [%]: 10 _ 100 % z Pmax, fluent

Induction burner length [m]: 2

Input power [kW]: 3,5

Output ind. power [kVA]: 3,5

Power factor for 100% output: 1

Coolant capacity [l]: 2,5 Includes

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