Impact Tuning HHO Carbon cleaning tool

Impact Tuning HHO Carbon cleaning tool

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This is a rapidly growing market and with local authorities struggling to meet air quality targets and businesses looking to save fuel & reduce emissions this is an ideal time to enter the market.  It is proving to be highly lucrative with established operators typically cleaning 4-6 vehicles per day at ~ £65 per car and more for larger vehicles. The return on investment is very fast.

Our products are designed and manufactured in the European Union by a company with many years experience of manufacturing HHO equipment for automotive applications & in compliance with technical and industrial manufacturing standards of such products. 
Please note that due to high demand the HHO carbon cleaning machines have a lead time of approx. 7-10 working days

The model ICC230 is ready to use with a metal cabinet on wheels, an inbuilt ammeter,  2 output settings, flashback protection additional safety features, large water tank, water level indicator. 

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