G-scan Tab Tablet PC Based Diagnostics

G-scan Tab Tablet PC Based Diagnostics

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The G-scan Tab is the latest in a series of high quality diagnostic tools including the G-scan and the G-scan 2. The G-scan Tab builds on the high quality features and applications of the previous products and takes the G-scan Tab to new heights with new features and all at a lower hardware cost.

The G-scan products have led the market in Asian vehicle diagnostics for many years offering OEM software for Kia and Hyundai, as well as outstanding depth and breadth of software in all other manufacturers.

Nowadays the G-scan Tab can be truly considered as an "all makes" diagnostic tool with the rapid growth of European software coverage whilst retaining their market leading position in Asian vehicles. This is further complimented with the impressive coverage of American vehicle manufacturers.

The G-scan Tab offers exceptionally strong and reliable bluetooth connectivity and can connect to a windows based tablet, laptop or computer. The fast and  intuitive software give in-depth capabilities on a huge range of vehicle makes and models, which is updated and expanded 3 times per year.

The G-scan Tab comes complete with one years software which includes 3 substantial updates. Once the subscription period has finished the G-scan Tab will carry on working with all same functionalities. Further purchases of of an annual software package will include 3 further updates, furthermore there and no penalties for catching up on missed software updates.

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