Smoke pro total tech leak detector used taken in part exchange

Smoke pro total tech leak detector used taken in part exchange

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This text was taken from Smoke pro redline website. We took this tool in part exchange against a Thinkcar PLD212 Smoke machine so is reduced to clear. 

Introducing the Smoke Pro EVAP APPROVED Diagnostic Smoke Machine – a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that stands out as the most advanced in its class.

Save Time & Generate Profits

Few tools can save more time or generate more revenue. The Smoke Pro diagnostic smoke machine swiftly pinpoints leaks throughout the entire system, drawing attention to potential issues you might not have considered. This ensures comprehensive repairs and a satisfied customer base.

Essential for EVAP System Leaks and More

Smoke Pro is indispensable for identifying leaks in EVAP systems and numerous other components, including but not limited to:

- EVAP Systems

- EGR Valves

- Gaskets, Fittings & Hoses

- MAP/MAF Sensors

- Worn Throttle Shafts

- Brake Boosters

- Catalytic Converters

- Central Locking Systems

- Diaphragms & Seats

- Door & Window Seals

- Turbos & Intercoolers

- Oil Leaks

- Cracked or Broken Plastic Components

- Head & Tail Lamp Housings

- Cracked Manifolds

...And Many More!

Air Safe Design - No Nitrogen Required

Smoke Pro features an advanced design with computer control, eliminating the need for glow plugs and nitrogen. It utilizes a method similar to a vehicle's onboard Leak Detection Pump (LDP) for testing EVAP systems. This means no expensive and bulky nitrogen systems are required when using Smoke Pro.

The machine produces smoke using food-grade or medicinal white mineral oil (common baby oil*) and doesn't demand costly smoke solution changes.

Advanced Design and Total-Tech™ Features

The Total-Tech™, an advanced variant of Smoke Pro, is designed for serious shops and technicians. It operates on White Medicinal Mineral Oil H-1 (baby oil) and doesn't require annual oil changes. With two-stage regulation, it precisely delivers smoke or air at the approved EVAP test pressure of 12–14 inches of water column.

The Total-Tech™ provides a pressure gauge and flowmeter, enabling quick testing using pressure decay and visual leakage rate detection. Its Flow Control Valve allows pinpointing leaks without excessive smoke masking.

General Specifications

- Size (H x W x D) in inches (Including 5" High Hook): 15x6x6

- Weight (lbs): 8

- Operating Temperature: 0-150°F

- Maximum Input Pressure: 170PSI

- Output Flow (LPM): 15

- Power Requirements (Volts): 12 Vdc

- Power Requirements (Amps): 8 Adc

Built from billet aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, the Total-Tech™ is proudly made in America and unconditionally warranted for one full year.

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