Dimsport Slave Genius with laptop and training

Dimsport Slave Genius with laptop and training

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New Genius is a remarkable stand-alone device tailored for seamless communication with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) through the vehicle's OBDII socket or specific diagnostic connectors. It distinguishes itself by eliminating the need for connections to personal computers or laptops when managing the serial communication, making vehicle stock ECU programming simpler and more immediate than ever before.

Key Features:

- Intuitive Operations: New Genius simplifies the programming process with easy-to-follow instructions displayed on the screen. This ensures that tuners can confidently perform operations without the risk of errors.

- Safety Standards: The device places a strong emphasis on safety and reliability during the programming process. It verifies the file size and checksum integrity before programming a vehicle. Even if the procedure is interrupted (e.g., due to a connector being unplugged), New Genius can recover the communication and automatically complete it. It also offers additional features like resetting faulty codes associated with ECU programming, reading and automatically writing injector settings, resetting counters, and more.

- Flexibility: New Genius is designed to cater to a wide range of professional needs. It can be configured to support a single, specific application or a comprehensive array of vehicles equipped with engine control units.

- Connectivity: The console provided by Dimsport comes with a standard OBDII socket. If this socket is unavailable, a selection of dedicated connectors is available to facilitate tuning operations through the diagnostic socket.

New Genius from Dimsport is an adaptable and reliable tool designed to simplify ECU programming for professionals and ensure that the tuning process is smooth and efficient.

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    Richard McWhirter

    Absolutely brilliant tool and superb support from Impact Tuning,if you are considering tuning this is a no brainer...just buy it!!