Accessing Security Related Repair Maintenance Information SERMI

Does your garage business require recoding of vehicle security components and software?

Discover more about accessing Security-related Repair and Maintenance Information (SERMI) through Impact Diagnostics.

SERMI, an encompassing program, will be administered by various organizations in each European country. Learn more about it here.

The implementation of the scheme in the UK will be overseen by RMI's ISO-accredited subsidiary company, RMI Standards and Certification (RMISC), on a not-for-profit basis, making it accessible for all independent garage businesses meeting the SERMI criteria.

Who requires a SERMI certificate?

Any business or technician dealing with vehicle security information—such as data, software, parts, or features aimed at preventing vehicle theft or aiding in tracking and recovery—will need a SERMI certificate to access this information from manufacturers.

Why is a SERMI certificate necessary?

Manufacturers and garage operators across Europe have been engaged in discussions for over a decade to establish a system where a single master certificate suffices to access security information from every vehicle manufacturer, rather than needing separate accreditations from each manufacturer.

This new system is anticipated to streamline processes and reduce costs by providing a unified approval system and an online platform linking to all manufacturers.

Enrolling in the SERMI scheme will simplify the process of accessing security-related information and demonstrate that your garage adheres to stringent standards regarding the integrity of you and your technicians. Without certification through the SERMI scheme, gaining access to security-related information from vehicle manufacturers may become increasingly challenging.

How can I obtain certification for the SERMI scheme?

In the UK, you can apply to RMISC for approval for a SERMI certificate. Applicants will undergo fair but rigorous assessments following the rules and procedures outlined in the SERMI scheme.

Several essential documents are required as part of the process, so it's advisable to start compiling them:

Documented proof of ownership of the Independent Operator

Evidence of Public Liability insurance meeting or exceeding £1m

Evidence and a declaration of a legitimate business

Basic DBS certificate for the business owner or person with significant control and nominated employee(s) to be authorized, supported by self-declaration forms

Evidence of working within the automotive sector

A SERMI certificate will remain valid for five years. Upon approval of your application, RMISC will conduct audits at least twice during that period, including pre-arranged and unannounced inspections.

I registered for GarageSafe. What's happening to it?

The GarageSafe network of independent garages, acknowledged for their transparency and integrity, helped us demonstrate to SERMI stakeholders that our proposals would function effectively in the UK. This scheme will now integrate into the SERMI system. We've corresponded with all GarageSafe subscribers to express gratitude for their support and outline the next steps in greater detail.